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"Big Tipper"

Jolene Hexx and Sarah Brooke work are waitresses at a restaurant. There is a customer that comes in that gives out great tips. When he pulls each girl aside and asks that they meet him in private at a certain address, they believe they both believe they are the favorite and eagerly go to meet him. When they see each other at the location, each believing to be the only one, they are a little confused. A note is found with $5000.00 check. The note mentions that they have to fight and the winner gets the check. If one disagrees to fight, then the check needs to be ripped up. Each girl is eager to get the biggest tip either has ever received, so they eagerly agree to fight. They hate each other so there is no problem with fighting each other. Each woman believes to be the sure winner. The brawl consists of catfighting, hair pulling, face slaps, cat balls, belly punching, cunt busting, tit busting, crotch grabbing, and more! Who will win the $5000.00?