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"Clean-up In Aisle 6"

Koneko and Cheyenne Jewel are roommates. Cheyenne walks into the room and sees Koneko reading a book. There are clothes all over the place. Cheyenne tells her she had told her to clean up this pigpen before she got home. Koneko gives her some attitude and tells to clean it herself. They go at each other grabbing each other's hair. Face slapping, belly punching, body slaps, hair pulling are all in this catfight. They go from bed to floor to bed until Cheyenne gets the upper-hand with a schoolgirl pin. She demands that she cleans the room and Koneko answers her with another catfight brawl. They fight all over the room again and this time, it is Koneko that gets a schoolgirl pin on Cheyenne. They decide that the next lady that gets the pin wins and the loser cleans up the mess. The winner end with a victory pose. Who will be the winner?