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"Bitch Is Taught A Lesson"

This is a very different custom for us to produce. Olivia has always been a competitive person, and especially with her sister-in-law, Dragonlily. Recently she learned about Dragonlily's life in catfighting and said that she would like to try it. Dragonlily laughingly told Olivia that she was way too soft for what really goes on in a catfight. Olivia replied that she could do anything that her sister-in-law could do, even if she wasn't sure what to expect.

Not one to back away from a challenge, and in particular from her sister-in-law, Dragonlily challenged Olivia to "meet privately for a friendly test of womanly competition - let's just see who can handle it and who can't." They met at a friend's house to face off while their friend recorded the contest - just so there was no argument about the outcome. Their experience was "humorously painful" for both women.

Olivia was surprised by some of the tactics and even more surprised that she liked it so much. Dragonlily was totally shocked at the way Olivia waded in to the competition. Alternating between surprise and competitive determination, both women slap faces, grab and slap breasts, clutch pussies and do their best to show their challenger what a real woman can take as well as dish out. Both women encounter surprise during their mutual test - is Olivia the na´ve mouse that Dragonlily thinks she is?