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Jolene Hexx

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been rescheduled from August, 2017

If you are ALREADY a Sponsor from August, you are already set up for the downloads!

No additional action is required on your part.

Sponsorship -- for $30.00 sponsor this competitive catfight.

Each Sponsor will receive the following --

• Within 24 hours of production:

Both pre-fight interviews with the Combatants with answers to Sponsor-submitted questions

A 60-second sample from the catfight as an HD download.

Ten (10) pictures taken from the catfight

• Within 48 hours of production:

Behind-The-Scenes Video of both ladies getting dressed for the catfight

At least one hundred (100) high-quality pictures (1280x848) from the match as a "zip" file to download.

• Within 72 hours of production:

The HD videa of the catfight available as a download.


This will be a 4-Round catfight. The first 3 rounds are 5 minutes each. The final round will go to submission - anything goes.

These tactics are allowed and encouraged all the time:
• Face slaps
• Hair pulling
• Breast attacks
• Crotch attacks
• Wedgies
• Stripping panties
• Body slaps
• Body punches
• Shoving faces

ORDERING INFORMATION:  To sponsor this catfight for $30.00 please use the order button below and THEN send an email to:


that confirms your order and gives us the email address to send the download links for the interviews, BTS video, pictures and the catfight video.

Please feel free to include in this email the questions that you would like us to consider asking in our interviews with both combatants (or a later email if you choose). Questions will be included only from Sponsors of this catfight.

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