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From WeBringIt.com in the "Submission Catfight" Area:

WBI251 – Stand-Up Confrontation  : Ariel and Bella clash in an apartment submission catfight where they stay on their feet for most of the fight. Hairpulling, body slapping and punching and face slapping are featured in this very evenly-matched catfight between two competitive women. They spend most of the fight on their feet, but the furniture and the floor are also used at times by these two wildcats. Their personal war lasts 16 minutes before one warrior forces her opponent to submit.

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Here are a few sample pictures from this match:

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Also from WeBringIt.com in the "Fantasy Photosets" Area:

PS137 – My Call, Bitch!  : Lily interferes with a phone call of Ariel's, claiming the call was fr her. Ariel responds, "Put up or shut up!" and the fight is on! Punches, slaps, breast attacks, hairpulling and knees are all used by both determined women as they dish out as much punishment as they deliver in this topless lingerie brawl. 184 pictures 1280x960.

Here are a few sample pictures from this photo set:

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And in the "Custom Requests" Area:

YCR073 – Seductive Attraction:  : Ariel wants a special favor from her friend Bella, so she asks her to come over and chat. Bella arrives and asks about the favor, and Ariel explains: she has a mud-wrestling gig at a local gentleman's club and wants Bella to be her opponent. Bella is cautious, never having done any mud wrestling before, but Ariel talks her into trying some wrestling moves to see how Bella likes it. As they strip down to pantyhose, Ariel begins to have other intentions and when Ariel gets Bella where she wants her, the catfight ends and the trib turn-on begins. Bella loses -- or does she?

Here are a few sample pictures from this custom: