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From WeBringIt.com in the "Bring It, Bitch!" Area:

WBI252 – Bring It, Bitch! #56   : Joylyn was up for a nice promotion with her company, but she was passed over. When she asked, she was told that Keri, from another division in the firm, had vetoed the promotion. Joylyn and Keri sit down to discuss what Joylyn saw as interference in a decision that was none of her business. Keri's point is simple: she doesn't think Joylyn is aggressive enough to be promoted, and Joylyn disagrees. To prove her point, Joylyn slaps Keri's face hard, and Keri returns the face slap with gusto - the catfight is on. This is a catfight where no holds are allowed for submission until after the15-minute mark. The fight features face slapping, hairpulling, body slapping, body punching and breast attacks. A terrific fight between two gorgeous and competitive women. Does Joylyn win her promotion, or does Keri teach her what aggression really is?

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Here are a few sample pictures from this match:

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Also from WeBringIt.com in the "Bring It, Bitch!" Area:

WBI253 – Dominant Bitch #10  : Bella completed her assignment for the company and was eligible for her project completion bonus. Keri thought that Bella's bonus would be better served in her own account. In fact, Keri tells Bella that after taking Bella's bonus Keri will take Ariel's as well. The first 15 minutes is a stand-up fight with slaps to the face and body, breast attacks, hairpulling and body punching allowed. If one woman quits before the 15-minute mark she will be declared the loser - the other woman will be the winner. If no one quits in the first 15 minutes, the women are allowed to go for a face-sit submission - whoever gains the submission anywhere is the winner. All of the allowed tactics remain the same. Fists fly, faces are slapped, breasts are grabbed, slapped and punched, bodies are pounded and both women have less hair at the end of the fight.

Here are a few sample pictures from this match:

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