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From WeBringIt.com in the "Bring It, Bitch!" Area:

WBI243 – Bring It, Bitch! #54:  : Some background for this match: Joylyn and Ariel had just finished a custom that had threatened to get a bit out of hand, but didn't. They were scheduled to do a submission match next, and Joylyn was well aware of Ariel's wrestling skills. As the ladies discussed their differences off-camera, Ariel told Joylyn that she would kick her ass with or without the wrestling moves. When Joylyn told her to "bring her girl to the fight" Ariel replied that she would gladly "teach you how to slap" and challenged Joylyn to do a "Bring It" match against her instead of the submission match. Joylyn was only too happy to oblige, and the ladies went right back to the custom set and wasted no time in getting down to business. Hair pulling, breast slapping, body punching, wedgies and face slapping are all allowable tactics, and both women use them abundantly - this is a terrific brawl! The first woman to gain a face-sit pin after the 15-minute mark is declared the winner.

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Here are a few sample pictures from this match:

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And in the "Custom Requests" Area:

YCR066 – It's My Shoot, Bitch!:  Bella is waiting on the bed for the photographer to do her photo shoot, and Joylyn enters the bedroom in lingerie. Bella stands and reveals her own lingerie-clad body, telling Joylyn to get out of her photo shoot. Joylyn stands her ground, and the women are both eager to settle the matter "between the girls" before the photographer arrives. only one woman will be available for the shoot, and both the blonde and the redhead are determined to be the one!

Here are a few sample pictures from this custom: