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From CustomRequests.com in the "Custom Requests" Area:

YCR079 – Kickin' Your Ass, Bitch! : Sarah finds her husband's tie in Jolene's bed and demands an explanation. Jolene taunts Sarah and as things get very physical between these two hot redheads each is determined to put her rival on her ass and in her place. Starting topless the ladies end up nude, with crotch attacks, breast grabbing and slapping all tactics that heat up the action in this battle of attrition. In the end, one gorgeous redhead is victorious and sends her defeated rival to the showers, with an order to come back and apologize.

Here are a few sample pictures from this match:

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From WeBringIt.com in the "Photo Essay" Area:

PS158 – Scheduling Conflict : Jolene had been exercising at her gym several days ago when she was interrupted by DragonLily during her workout. After a dispute over the use of the equipment, and after several challenging statements, DragonLily had given Jolene her phone number and address with an offer to have a "private discussion" to settle on a gym schedule where they could avoid each other - the loser would change her schedule to accommodate the winner. DragonLily is surprised that Jolene actually showed up for their "private discussion" - and Jolene decides it's time to set DragonLily straight on who the alpha bitch will be at the gym. The shoes come off, clothing is shredded and the ladies work out their scheduling issues - two very determined gorgeous women, each with something to prove to the other. 278 high-resolution 1280x720 pictures.

Here are a few sample pictures from this Photo Essay:

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